Tamara James

Leader | Community Advocate | Motivator


Leader, community advocate, University of Miami alumna, retired WNBA athlete, world traveler, mother, and now, Commissioner of Dania Beach, Tamara James’ ongoing mission is to strengthen society with her exemplary leadership, starting with her beloved Dania Beach, the city she was proudly born and raised in. As the youngest mayor in the history of Dania Beach, garnering the most votes in history, Tamara has a fervent passion for providing Dania Beach residents with transparent leadership, safe practices, and viable community programs to create a thriving, unified environment for all citizens; so much so that they co-named a street “Tamara James Ave”, a true testament to her love and dedication to her community.


In 2006, Ms. James started the “Tamara James Foundation, Inc” with a mission to empower, educate, and strengthen the area by providing opportunities to build strong children, strong families, strong communities, and strong, future generations through sports and community events.


Through Tamara’s philanthropic and charitable initiatives, she has provided health resources, food and clothing, sports clinics for the youth, and several other opportunities to bridge the gap and promote unity within the surrounding communities. In fact, she has been giving back to her community since her teenage years, and her ardor for the improvement and progression of Dania Beach has only grown since.


As a former WNBA athlete and professional European basketball player, Tamara has learned the value of teamwork, leadership, dedication, perseverance, and hard work, and as the all-time leading scorer for men’s and women’s basketball at the University of Miami, Ms. James exhibits a dignified humility for the beloved state of Florida – a place which has fully contributed to her growth, experiences, and finest accomplishments. Needless to say, being a leader comes naturally for Ms. James.

Tamara spent nine years as a professional basketball player and has been blessed with the opportunities to not only play in the WBNA but also play in Spain, Turkey, and Israel. Her travels and overseas experiences have strengthed her ability to adapt and deepened her love for learning about the multitude of cultures around the world. In 2016, Tamara was inducted into the University of Miami’s Hall of Fame. “I have been truly blessed to have had all the opportunities and accomplishments with basketball,” says Commissioner James, “but what means most to me is using all that I have gained to give back so that our future generations can achieve more.” And she certainly has. Teamwork is in her DNA, and Tamara James is a true beacon of hope for her community and beyond.


Commissioner Tamara James has proven and demonstrated her ability to enact real change in her community and beyond. She strongly believes that the ultimate power resides in the people of Dania Beach, as she seeks to co-power every citizen to live a fruitful life. Commissioner James promotes and implements policies which strengthen the Dania Beach, truly representing the will of the people and the voices of the unheard. In her first term as Mayor and Commissioner of Dania Beach, Ms. James has accomplished an impressive range of social, educational, and civic objections: ​

  • Transferred vacant lots to the CRA to support various affordable housing and projects opportunities to our residents

  • Chaired and championed an affordable housing program with down payment assistance

  • Created an Affordable Trust Fund to require developers to give a percentage of their developments to affordable housing.

  • Initiated and passed - “Ban the Box”

  • Initiated and executed the rebranding of Dania Beach, in an updated logo, motto, and seal at no cost to the City

  • Acquired and funded housing opportunities to extend to Dania Beach residents

  • Devised bike share stations; addressing congestion and promoting different means of transportation to supplement the growth of our City

  • Initiated, approved, and funded decorative crosswalks to enhance arts and the optics in our downtown corridor

  • Working on a partnership with FAU to provide our youth with a summer Stem program

  • Held a City Center Charette to create a new downtown and City Hall and activated a City Center redevelopment plan

  • Approval of medical marijuana dispensaries in the City

  • Leading effort to acquire old and abandoned Olsen Middle School

  • Facilitated the creation of City-wide murals, increasing the presence of art in the community

  • Funded and created a new senior program at our Parks and Recreation Department “Gracefully Aging”, giving residents a much-needed boost to their quality of life, physical health, mental health, and social health

  • Rejuvenated CRA-Hired a New CRA Director, one of the most important positions to the City

  • Created an internship and volunteer program, partnering with local colleges to help prepare and give experience to college students before entering society after college

  • Initiated and approved a Parks Masterplan that will rebuild and enhance our parks and hired —New Parks Director

  • Took over all sports programs with a new athletic director; activated kids sports league

  • Approved Saratoga Redevelopment for 170 Affordable Housing Units to fight the national housing crisis

  • Helped jumpstart Broward Reads initiative to increase the number of children reading at grade level by the time they complete grade three

  • Banned plastic straws on waterfront restaurants with plans to extend to a City-wide plastic straw ban

  • Enhanced hurricane procedures

  • Negotiated and approved a multi-year union contract

  • Upgrade of beaches and beach area; worked alongside the Army Corps of Engineers to provide emergency funding and sand to renourish our beach


Commissioner James is excited to once again serve the people of this great city. However, before she can serve, an assertive campaign must be put into place. With thousands of pamphlets and campaign materials to purchase, scores of ads to place, and several neighborhoods to cover, assistance will be needed. So, Team James is respectfully turning to the people who know her best and those currently supporting her platform as she humbly invites you to make a difference. Your contribution will give this campaign a tremendous, immediate boost. The goal is to raise $50,000 by August 2020, and Team James humbly asks for your support in helping our great Commissioner rise to this challenge. 



Tamara James has always envisioned a future of success, from her record-setting days at the University of Miami to her successful tenure as Mayor and Commissioner of Dania Beach. With every set goal and achieved objective, Tamara has mastered how to translate ambition into action, and her success has expanded into public speaking engagements on a worldwide scale.

As a sought-after public speaker, Tamara has been the keynote presenter for various engagements such as conventions, among sports teams, within the classroom, at community events, and among countless other places and audiences, wowing people around the world with her passion, dedication, and ability to deliver a speech that captivates a wide range of individuals. Ms. James' burning desire to motivate and inspire others has propelled countless people to develop confidence, connect with others, channel their purpose, and move swiftly toward their goals with focus and determination.

Not only does Tamara envision success for her future, but she strongly believes in the success of others, too, and that sense of confidence and tenacity is exactly what audiences need to tap into their greatness.




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