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Mayor Tamara James

Leader | Philanthropist | Author

The Skin I'm In

Take a peek into the world of self love through the eyes of Nya. See how she's able to navigate adversity dealing with colorism, confidence, and determination. A book for all ages! Friendship, loyalty, and self acceptance.

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About Mayor James

Leader, community advocate, University of Miami alumna, retired WNBA athlete, world traveler, mother, and now in her second term as the Mayor of Dania Beach, Tamara James’ ongoing mission is to strengthen society with her exemplary leadership. Tamara was born and raised in Dania Beach, FL. As the youngest mayor in the history of Dania Beach, garnering the most votes in history in 2016, Tamara broke her own record during her second reelection. Tamara has a fervent passion for providing Dania Beach residents with transparent leadership, safe practices, and viable community programs to create a thriving, unified environment for all citizens; so much so that they co-named a street “Tamara James Ave”, a true testament to her love and dedication to her community.

As a former WNBA athlete and professional European basketball player, Tamara has learned the value of teamwork, leadership, dedication, perseverance, and hard work, and as the all-time leading scorer for men’s and women’s basketball at the University of Miami, Ms. James exhibits a dignified humility for the beloved state of Florida – a place which has fully contributed to her growth, experiences, and finest accomplishments. Needless to say, being a leader comes naturally for Ms. James.


The Skin I'm In

Nya Engle is constantly bullied by her peers. Not a day goes by that she doesn't face cruel remarks and hurtful comments about her dark complexion, and despite being a kind young lady, the star of the girls' basketball team, and a straight-A student, Nya can't seem to overcome her toughest battle, colorism within her community. With the support of her mother and father and her best friend, Jas, Nya seeks to creatively capture the attention of her classmates and put an end to their racist remarks. In Tamara James' mini novel, The Skin I'm In, discover whether Nya is able to reach her classmates and rise above the name-calling or if her peers remain the same, shameful bullies.


Public Speaking

Mayor Tamara James has always envisioned a future of success, from her record-setting days at the University of Miami to her successful tenure as Mayor and Commissioner of Dania Beach. With every set goal and achieved objective, Tamara has mastered how to translate ambition into action, and her success has expanded into public speaking engagements on a worldwide scale.

As a sought-after public speaker, Mayor James has been the keynote presenter for various engagements such as conventions, among sports teams, within the classroom, at community events, and among countless other places and audiences, wowing people around the world with her passion, dedication, and ability to deliver a speech that captivates a wide range of individuals. Ms. James' burning desire to motivate and inspire others has propelled countless people to develop confidence, connect with others, channel their purpose, and move swiftly toward their goals with focus and determination.

Not only does Mayor James envision success for her future, but she strongly believes in the success of others, too, and that sense of confidence and tenacity is exactly what audiences need to tap into their greatness.

Public Speaking




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